Can the Battery Box 2 be used with my computer?

Not directly out of the box as it outputs audio via a 3.5mm jack, not USB. You can however get audio in to your computer with either a USB DAC or a Zoom branded audio recorder.

Just make sure the USB DAC has a 3.5mm stereo audio input.

Can the Battery Box 2 be used with my phone?

It will not work out of the box with smartphones.

Potentially, we have seen guides online that show this is maybe possible with iPhones with a few adapters. We are working on testing this internally and will release a guide if/when we have it working.

This is the same case with Android smartphones, it would require a couple of adapters to get working. We will work on getting Android smartphones to work too but Apple devices are our priority right now.

What’s the warranty on your products?

We stand by our products and offer a 2 year no fuss warranty. If you have any problems with your microphone then just let us know down below and we’ll strive to remedy the issue quickly and with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

If your question wasn’t answered above, please let us know below!

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