An Updated DuoPop.


We have made some minor design changes to the DuoPop that make it easier to use and easier for us to produce. 

What's new?

Magnetic Lid


Through using embedded Neodymium magnets in the lid and the body, the lid on the DuoPop now shuts with a satisfying magnetic click. 

Battery Box Overhaul


We have redesigned the Battery Box to now use metal connectors throughout, replacing the previous plastic connectors that were used in connecting the microphone capsules. 

The Battery Box now also features a cutout on the left hand side allowing for easier battery removal. Instead of having to grip and pull the battery it can now be slid out. 

The internal circuitry has remained the same and we have made no changes to the microphone capsules so this new revision will have the same great sound as the original DuoPop. 


This newer model is not only easier for you to use but also easier for us to produce. While we actually have more parts with the addition of the magnets the overall changes save us some time in production bringing down the overall cost, we'd like to pass these savings on to you. 

With this new revision, the new price of the DuoPop is $360 AUD with free shipping worldwide.