What is Binaural Audio?

Binaural recordings are reproductions of sound recorded with special microphones that mimics the way the human ear hears.

For example, when you close your eyes you are able to tell where the sounds around you are coming from. This ability comes from the distance between the ears and the unique shape of the ear. Sounds coming from the left side of your head arrive at the left ear before they arrive at the right ear. This tiny timing difference combined with the shape of the ear allows our brains to localise sounds around us.

Using sensitive microphones arranged within a structure that replicates the human ears and head, binaural audio, when listened back to through headphones lets the listener feel like they are in the same time and place as the recording.

‘Binaural’ can be broken down to ‘bi’ meaning two and ‘aural’ meaning ears.

Both our DuoPop and DuoPop 2 Binaural Microphones replicate the human head and use highly sensitive, low noise microphone capsules to record high fidelity, binaural audio. 

What is ASMR?


ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a euphoric sensation some individuals experience when listening to specific types of audio. Some popular kinds of ASMR include sensitive scratching sounds, tapping sounds and whispering. 

Binaural audio, while not always used for ASMR purposes, is very popular in the production of ASMR videos. 

The DuoPop and DuoPop 2 were designed with ASMR in mind. It features highly sensitive stereo microphone capsules and can be used in both a binaural set up with the ears or with the microphones out of the ears, letting ASMRtists experiment with unique microphone placement.


Pop Microphones

Pop Microphones was born in mid- 2016 when a boy named Simon decided he was going to try his hand at making some ASMR videos. Over the course of 30 videos and many hours spent playing with microphone positioning he decided that he wanted a binaural microphone. Unfortunately for Simon these microphones were well out of his budget. Being the tinkering type, Simon set about making his own. After countless prototypes and many failed designs the original DuoPop was born. It was the affordable, versatile microphone that Simon had wanted many months prior.

2017 was an adventure as the original DuoPop was launched and Pop Microphones rapidly grew from a solo venture to a small team.

2018 brought the development and release of the DuoPop 2. This new model was a refinement of the original, it and all of our other products are hand made with love in Melbourne, Australia.